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Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Yaxlich has got another problem. This time is does not involve his medical condition or bowel evacuations.

Whilst shaving this morning, Yaxlich noticed that a large percentage of his eyebrows were grey. In fact they were snowy white. They were also incredibly long and much thicker than all of his other eyebrows. Yaxlich put down his razor and begun plucking out the offending white curly eyebrows.

After much plucking, yelping and occassional use of naughty words, Yaxlich completed the task and his eyebrows are now back to their normal state. However he is now concerned that if he continues to cull the white eyebrows every time they appear that he will end up with no eyebrows at all which would make him look very odd. Even more so than normal.

Yaxlich would like to ask any ladies who visit his blog whether or not eyebrows grow back after you have plucked them or should Yaxlich colour in the white eyebrows with a marker pen?

Comments on "Eyebrows"


Blogger Lizza said ... (3:21 pm) : 

Hairs from a lady's eyebrows usually grow back after plucking.

If Yaxlich plans to try using a marker pen to camouflage the white hairs in in his eyebrows, he should make sure that it's the type that doesn't run when it becomes wet...or else Yaxlich will not only look weird if he sweats or gets caught in the rain -- he'll look downright frightening.


Blogger Marnie said ... (9:23 pm) : 

Yaxlich, maybe you could choose to embrace this symbol of your wisdom and experience. Trim them if you can't see out, but be proud of the snowy white eyebrows. I'd hate to see you start down the slippery slope that leads to Michael Jackson-style "self-improvement".


Blogger Jim McKee said ... (3:38 am) : 

Yax, you could go the opposite route. Keep your eyebrows grey/white, in contrast to the rest of your hair (one hopes).

I suggest White-Out. The hat-wearing guy from the Monkees could probably use a few more pennies.


Blogger terra shield said ... (6:50 am) : 

Eyebrows grow...(violently and haphazardly) after being plucked :)


Blogger Reeholio said ... (10:11 am) : 

You could try dying them like the ladies do to their hair when it goes grey. Might last a bit longer than the felt tip pen.


Blogger Yaxlich said ... (11:26 am) : 

Yaxlich would like to thank everyone for their very interesting suggestions.

With hindsight he realises that perhaps marker pen isn't the way forward. Hindsight and the rain shower he got caught in on the way back from the shops yesterday afternoon.

Yaxlich likes Marnie. She thinks Yaxlich is wise and experienced. Marnie can come here again.

Jim is from America, where they also have the internet. Yaxlich thinks that White-Out is an American brand of Tippex, the liquid correction paper. Do they still make liquid correction paper? If so is it compatible with Microsoft Word?

Anusha is correct. Yaxlich will be dedicating a post to this theory on his blog today.

Reeholio is a man of the world. He must be as he has a blog about blogs from all around the world. He knows that ladies sometimes dye their hair. Yaxlich has heard that ladies also have something called a Brazilian. Does Reeholio think this would be suitable for Yaxlich's brow problem?

Yaxlich is what is known as follicly challenged. As a result matching eyebrows to head hair is not as simple as it first sounds.

Sometimes Yaxlich wishes he was different but, then again, he is.


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