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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Snowy The Goat

Snowy the goatSad news has reached Yaxlich today. Snowy the goat has died. Yaxlich did not know Snowy the goat but he was deeply touched by her moving ordeal.

Snowy the goat was kidnapped by a drunken Welshman who had consumed 12 pints of cider. She was bundled into the back of a stolen Volvo by Carl Myles near Swansea. Mr Myles then tried to escape in the stolen Volvo before he was apprehended by the cars owner.

According to the BBC Website, Snowy the goat's owner Terry Batt said that he thought Snowy would have been very frightened. Yaxlich believes Mr Batt. He too has been in the back of a Volvo with a drunken Welshman and it's not something that he would like to repeat.

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