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Thursday, August 17, 2006


Anusha suggests that eyebrows grow back violently and haphazardly after they have been plucked. Yaxlich believes that Anusha is correct and has developed a theory.

When he plucks his eyebrows, Yaxlich throws the unrequired white eyebrow hair into the sink where it is washed away into the sewers. Once in the sewers, a new strain of eyebrow hair is developed which is stonger than their weak and weedy plucked predecessors. The genetic structure of these new Super Brows is strong enough to survive the filtration and purification processes at the water plants where they are transferred back into the water system as microbes and reattach themselves to Yaxlich's face when he is washing in the morning.

Just this morning he noticed a new white hair which he is sure wasn't there yesterday. This particular white hair is the undisputed Daddy of his left eyebrow. It dwarfs all of the other hairs. It doesn't conform to eyebrow standards and respond to a licked finger tip to bring it back into line. It springs back into it's crazy coil and mocks Yaxlich in the mirror. This bad boy is here to stay and there's nothing Yaxlich can do about it.

Comments on "Theory"


Blogger ExAfrica said ... (2:40 am) : 

My Iranian hairdresser is begging to get her hands on my errant eyebrows. Just today she gave me her cell number - call me anytime.

Yes, they do need bit of a tweak, I admit, but since I left SA where they wax and color the brows in ten minutes or less it's just not the same. And last time she did them I had red raccoon eyes for hours - they looked at me funny when I picked Child up from school!

Though ExAfrica would highly recommend an Iranian brow job - they do this thing with a thread...


Blogger Yaxlich said ... (11:13 am) : 

Yaxlich was very confused the first time he read your comment. He misread your final paragraph and was wondering how this would help his current eyebrow dilema...


Blogger ExAfrica said ... (1:51 pm) : 

That might help, too.


Blogger mad muthas said ... (11:13 am) : 

my daughter has a single (so far) freakishly long eyelash. we googled 'freakishly long eyelash' to see if we could make any money out of her, but some woman in texas (why is it always texas?) is even more freakish than my daughter. dear yaxlich - what should we do?


Blogger Yaxlich said ... (2:07 pm) : 

Yaxlich is sorry to hear that your daughters freakishly long eyelash is single. He is sure that there is another freakishly long eyelash out there for her somewhere.


OpenID Slyube said ... (7:00 am) : 

I am that other freakishly white single eyelash... Mine comes out of the left eye.


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