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Friday, September 08, 2006

Crikey, It's Khaki Friday

Yaxlich has avoided mentioning Steve Irwin this week. As far as he could see, pretty much every other blog in the world was doing a good enough job ( - Search Technorati for Steve Irwin). Today, however, Yaxlich is breaking his silence.

Steve Irwin dangling his baby in front of a crocodileIn Australia, where they have been talking about giving Steve Irwin a state funeral, it has been declared "Crikey, It's Khaki Friday" and everyone is urged to wear khaki for the day in memory of the TV personality.

Yaxlich doesn't watch much TV but from what he can remember Steve Irwin was the man who dangled his baby in front of a crocodile. Yaxlich thinks it's strange that an entire nation should go into mourning for a man who risked his babies life for publicity.

Comments on "Crikey, It's Khaki Friday"


Blogger Tish said ... (1:04 pm) : 

Tish lives too close to Awwwwstrarrlia to unveil her thoughts on this matter.

She would like to say that she is sad that Oz today lost a great racing driver when Peter Brock took up tree climbing.

Both men died doing what they loved, perhaps Tish and Yaxlich will be lucky to do the same. Tish will, as an aid to accomplishing this, make sleeping the thing she loves best.


Anonymous Sim said ... (4:59 pm) : 

It just proves that you should never stick your finger up a grumpy fishes arse


Blogger Yaxlich said ... (12:00 am) : 

Yaxlich did not mean to offend, Tish. He hopes that as a South Australian you weren't upset.

Yaxlich has never stuck his finger up a grump fishes arse. Certainly not since he's been divorced anyway.


Blogger QuillDancer said ... (6:23 am) : 

Quilldancer loves it here. Yaxlich, that last comment was a riot.

Btw, Quilldancer has joined the ranks of the Bestest Blog of the Day. She is better able to understand how you felt last week.


Blogger Yaxlich said ... (12:10 pm) : 

Yaxlich congratulates Quilldancer on joining the club. He has not checked BBotD for a couple of days so will head off there now for an update.


Blogger Tish said ... (1:59 pm) : 

Tish was not upset until she was described as a "a South Australian". New Zealanders sometimes refer to Australia as our "Western Isles", but only in humour. One of our ex Prime Ministers once said that those who emigrated from NZ to Australia "raised the IQ of both countries".

Tish knows a lot of good jokes about Australia, unfortunately Tish would hate to sully Yaxlich's blog with them, but she will anyway:

A Northern Territory farmhand radios back to the farm manager.

"Boss, I gotta helluva problem here. I hit a pig with the ute. The pig's OK, but he's stuck in the bullbars at the front of my ute and is wriggling and squealing so much I can't get him out."

The manager says "Ok, there's a 303 behind the seat. Take it, shoot the pig in the head and you'll be able to remove him."

Five minutes later the farm hand calls back. "I did what you said boss. Took the 303, shot the pig in the head and removed him from the bull-bars. No problem there, but I still can't go on".

"Now what's the f*****g problem?" raged the manager.

"Well boss, it's his motor-bike. The flashing blue light is stuck under the right-front wheel arch".


Blogger Yaxlich said ... (11:40 am) : 

Yaxlich doesn't understand why a pig would be riding a motorbike. They have trotters instead of hands so they would not be able to pull the brake levers. He thinks that it was very irresponsible of the pigs owner to allow him to ride a motorbike unsupervised although attaching a flashing blue light to the motorbike was probably a good idea to warn other road users that an inexperienced and potentially dangerous road user was approaching.


Blogger Tish said ... (12:52 pm) : 

Has Yaxlich not seen how they play with their crocodiles?


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