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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thanksgiving Day

Today is something called Thanksgiving Day in America. Yaxlich doesn't know what the American people are being thankful for. He thinks it might be something to do with when they first got the Internet.

Since Yaxlich started blogging, he has learned a lot about America and American people. He even gets some of them coming to visit him on his blog. He knows they're American because they spell their words funny.

Yaxlich would like to go to America one day. He used to want to go to America so that he could meet Britney Spears but he doesn't like her anymore because she's gone all weird. The Americans call her "trailer trash" which translates into English as caravan rubbish. He doesn't know what it means but he thinks it might be American for chav.

From looking around the Internet and watching old episodes of Friends, Yaxlich has worked out that Americans spend Thanksgiving Day eating a lot of food. Yaxlich wonders how this differs from normal.

Yaxlich would like to wish his American readers a happy Thanksgiving Day and he hopes that none of you get the turkey stuck on your head like Joey did.

Comments on "Thanksgiving Day"


Blogger Lizza said ... (2:02 pm) : 

What is the driving force behind Yaxlich's desire to visit America, now that Britney is out of the picture?

Happy Thanksgiving, too, to Yaxlich's American readers. Bon appetit!


Blogger CJ said ... (2:30 pm) : 

The difference is that if you can move at the end of the meal, you didn't do your job. A normal days monster eating allows you to move, not that you do however.

Thanksgivings entire purpose is for football (for the boys) and shopping for Christmas (for the girls) announced by the Macy's Parade.


Blogger simona said ... (3:45 pm) : 

alcessa is afraid of holidays which require one to "eat till you drop" - they depress her though she likes to eat and looks it.

alcessa would also like to ask a language question: would Yaxlich tell her what a chav is? Apart from this blog she found the expression in an article about Kate Moss and her part in Little Britain so she does know approximately what it means, but not really...

alcessa suggests that Yaxlich grab Kate Moss and save her from that stupid guy Doherty.

Word verification: saxsb


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:52 pm) : 

We reflect and decide for ourselves what we may be thankful for. Me, I'm glad that we finally discovered the internet. And yes, from what I can gather, trailer trash is pretty much equivalent to chav. Trailer trash is almost always white, though. I dunno about chav.


Blogger Yaxlich said ... (6:42 pm) : 

Lizza - Yaxlich still wants to go to America because he wants to eat a burger the size of his head.

CJ - Yaxlich hopes that you have managed to celebrate Thanksgiving in France.

Alcessa - The Urban Dictionary has some very interesting definitions of the word chav. Well worth a read.

Anonymous - Generally speaking chavs tend to be white although they often try to talk as if they're black. Yaxlich laughs when he hears 14 year old white chavs trying to sound like they're from Harlem.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:15 pm) : 

Ah, we call *them* wannabes.


Blogger Mimi Lenox said ... (9:17 pm) : 

In America, we do eat lots of turkey and homemade foods on Thanksgiving. It is a big family gathering. I am always sad for people who don't have families to share holidays with. Everyone celebrates Thanksgiving differently here. Schools shut down so that people can reflect on what we are grateful for. I think it's a good idea everyday, not just on Thanksgiving.


Blogger Yaxlich said ... (10:59 pm) : 

Yaxlich hopes Queen Meme has a very nice Thanksgiving and doesn't overdo it on the turkey.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:01 am) : 

Yaxlich? I've got a question. I can see where you'd think Americans are weird. We, Americans, think that often as well. Problem is, I've been reading the Comment is Free newspaper blog. Your countrymen HATE our GUTS. I can't help but wonder (don't tell it to me *too* straight, okay?) why? I think of Americans as kind of a big goofy dog. Well intended, but clears the coffee table with the tail, youknow? I don't understand the hatred part.


Blogger Yaxlich said ... (2:08 pm) : 

Hello Anonymous person. As far as Yaxlich knows, English people don't hate Americans at all. He has never read the publication you refer to but suggests that, perhaps, they interviewed a particularly xenophobic English person.

Yaxlich likes American people. They're funny. They're just like English people only with fewer vowels.

He also likes your description of American people and think that this is a very accurate reflection on how English people view Americans. We are jealous of the fact that the goofy dog can lick its own balls but are equally glad that we don't suffer from the resulting bad breath.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:24 pm) : 

Interstingly put.


Blogger CJ said ... (5:44 pm) : 

No Thanksgiving yet but maybe tomorrow night! F├Ęte!


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