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Monday, December 04, 2006

Christmas Shopping

Before the agoraphobic Peruvian returned to the land of her forefathers, she insisted on putting up a Christmas tree in the lounge. It's only a small tree. It's about three feet high and she decorated it with some tinsel and some lights and put some presents underneath it. There's even one for Yaxlich which he is excited about.

Christmas is three weeks away and Yaxlich has not got any presents for anyone yet. Like most years he is going to leave it until Christmas Eve. He once heard the following saying:

If it wasn't for the last minute, nothing would ever get done

This is especially true when it comes to Christmas shopping. If you make a list of presents to buy in advance, you are setting yourself up for a fall. What if the present isn't available? What if it's sold out? Suddenly all the pre-planning is useless and you need to start again from scratch and you begin to question your purchasing decisions anyway and before you know it you have picked up two presents for everyone just in case they don't like the first one. You then need to wrap the presents and find somewhere to hide them from prying eyes for the next few weeks. You manage to do this with a week to go and congratulate yourself for your forward thinking only you can't remember exactly what you got everyone and panic sets in and, before you know it, you're queuing to get into the car park again.

The Yaxlich approach is the most efficient and cost effective way. The adrenaline rush of that last minute dash to the shops focuses the mind so that purchases are made using a combination of logic and availability. If all of the presents can be purchased from the first shop nearest the lift from the car park, all the better. Precision purchasing. That's the name of the game.

Comments on "Christmas Shopping"


Anonymous Sim said ... (5:40 pm) : 

I wandered into our local city centre this weekend and ended up fustrated & exhausted by it all, so I'm doing all of mine on the internet tonight - no wandering through hoards of crowds, seagulls taking a dive at you or little old grannies who take their time.

I did buy my turkey on Christmas Eve last year - and ducks. Nothing like a mad dash to get a bargain back up bird.


Anonymous john. g. said ... (7:39 pm) : 

yaxlich, do what i do..don`t buy any, save the cash for BEER. humbug.


Anonymous Ignorminious said ... (7:58 pm) : 

Hehe. Yaxich is such a bloke! I think if a girl ever resorted to such tactics she would be disowned by her sex. I'm glad to be a man, or I did go very girly on Saturday and buy more for myself than for others whilst Christmas shopping. Clearly I'm somewhat confused.


Blogger Wendz said ... (8:26 pm) : 

Oh Yaxlich. Darlin', you need to think like a woman just this once...

do what I I did today...swoop into the largest supermarket you can find with a vague idea of who you need to buy for....pull a few things off the shelves and into your for them..stop at the Red Cross gift wrapping table..throw a few coins into their tin....quickly write the name of the recipient on the now-wrapped gift...tootle off home, chuck the gifts into a cupboard, open a bottle of wine..and forget all about Christmas until the morning of the 25th...haul out your gifts, pile them under the tree..sit back and smile smugly.


Anonymous Sim said ... (9:01 pm) : 

Wendz - you have a red cross gift wrapping service??! We only get department stores offering wrapping services, £1/$2 each time and all proceeds go into the pocket of the fat cat department owners...grrr!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:45 pm) : 

Gift cards. Buy them online and have them sent to the family all over the country. At least I know it won't likely be 'regifted'.


Anonymous Geoff O' Kent said ... (11:48 pm) : 

The plan should be to wait until the shops are nearly closing on Xmas eve then buy whatever is left.


Blogger Mystic Wing said ... (11:53 pm) : 

Yaxlich is funny.

Mystic Wing is glad he stumbled upon Yaxlich.

Mystic Wing will be back to read more Yaxlich.


Blogger Mimi Lenox said ... (4:44 am) : 

I agree with you. I love last minute shopping.


Blogger Tish said ... (10:42 am) : 

Tish dislikes shopping in all forms unless it involves new computer hardware. Then, and only then, does it seem like Xmas. Tish already bought some of her childrens gifts a couple of weeks ago - souvenir T-Shirts at the U2 concert. Ungrateful children wanted an assurance that that was not ALL they would receive for Xmas. Tish is tempted to buy them things they have no use for like brooms or mops or coathangers. Children NEVER seem to use coat hangers.

Would Yaxlich like some nice coathangers for Xmas?


Blogger Sally Lomax said ... (12:38 pm) : 

Before I had kids, I frequently used to do the last minute thing and I enjoyed shopping when everythingwas really Christmassy. Now I have to plan slghtly more ahead, or I would never do it.

I am not as organised as some though, and being too organised worries me slightly as the one year I was COMPLETELY organised several days before Chrsitmas I ended up in hopsital Christmas Eve night having my burst appendix removed. But that's another story for a blog one day...... Being a bit superstitious, I like to think now though that perhaps it's a good thing to leave a bit to last. Otherwise you never know what might happen!!



Blogger Nothingman said ... (2:49 pm) : 

dude.....Rock N ROll which bands does yaxlich like??


Blogger Yaxlich said ... (6:22 pm) : 

Sim - Yaxlich agrees that a back up bird is a good idea. Oh those were the days....

John G - the thought has crossed Yaxlich's mind

Ignorminious - this is a common problem suffered by many men. Yaxlich himself not only ends up buying more for himself than anyone else but also buys presents for other people that secretly he hopes they won't like and will give him back

Wendz - Yaxlich tried thinking like a woman once. He didn't like it. He's too fond of logic to try it again

Anonymous - Amazon gift cards are looking the likely winner for his nieces. Good call.

Geoff - sterling work, sir. Yaxlich will raise a glass to you at 6.59pm Christmas Eve with his bags full of broken toys and Robbie Williams 2003 calendars.

Mystic - Yaxlich is glad to see you found his little cubby hole on the internet and says that you are welcome to stumble in whenever you please.

Mimi - Yaxlich loves last minute shopping for all the reasons Geoff suggests!

Tish - Yaxlich appreciates the offer and may take you up on the coat hanger offer should his mummy have taken the subtle hints about Yaxlich's diminishing wardrobe and purchase him lots of Christmas clothes sans hanger.

Sally - Yaxlich's sister says that having children makes you organised. It's funny because Yaxlich's mummy said it gave her piles.

Nothingman - AC/DC dude


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