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Wednesday, January 24, 2007


When Yaxlich woke up this morning he was very excited to see that it had snowed overnight. There wasn't a lot of snow, certainly not enough to build a snowman but this is probably just as well as he doesn't have any carrots. Or coal.

Even though he doesn't particularly like winter, he does like snow. If Yaxlich could afford it, he would like to go skiing. All the cool kids go snowboarding but Yaxlich isn't a kid or cool so skiing sounds more like his thing. The thought of hurtling down a steep hill with two planks of wood strapped to his feet sounds exciting.

He's not sure that he'd like to wear thermal underwear, though. He has seen the adverts for long johns and all the models have a six pack. Yaxlich has a six roll so he's not sure he would look very good in them. He's also worried about the extra layer of clothing to remove if he got caught short at the top of a slope. When Yaxlich needs to go, Yaxlich needs to go.

A film that makes Yaxlich laugh is Dumb and Dumber. The bit where his tongue gets stuck to the ski lift is very funny. Obviously there is another scene which makes Yaxlich laugh a lot but he's been accused of only blogging about bodily functions so he won't mention that one. Anyway, if Yaxlich does ever go skiing, he will make sure he doesn't try to lick the ski lift. Films can be educational sometimes.

Yaxlich is off to the shops now to buy some carrots and some coal just in case it snows again tonight.

Comments on "Snow"


Blogger Billy & MrsF said ... (12:45 pm) : 

My kids have been inspired by Dumb and Dumber. Not to be shown to easily impressed toddlers and other small folk under 5yrs of age for the scene Yaxlich elides to. Yaxlich will no doubt be familiar with similar but with the pastiche film Dumber and Dumberer and the bodily function/cholclate scene. Tres funny.


Blogger enid said ... (1:13 pm) : 

it's snowed in molvania too, for the first time this year. enid wonders what's up with the world, when eastern europe had a snow-free christmas, and there was black ice on the road to las vegas.

enid thinks she might buy a holiday cottage in siberia and wait for global warming to send property prices soaring.


Blogger Sablonneuse said ... (2:47 pm) : 

It's a shame it hasn't really snowed properly for a long time. When my children were small they used to have great fun every year. They could make snowmen and slide down the hill on trays. Once we even built a small igloo in the garden and it lasted several days.
But, in my last school (before retirement) the head promised that there would be a staff versus pupils snowball fight next time it snowed enough. Don't know if he knew something we didn't but ten years later the kids are still waiting.


Blogger Sally Lomax said ... (4:05 pm) : 

We've got no smow here. My kids were gutted. Living in a rural area, they thought they might get a day off school to build snowmen and instead they had to go in as normal.

Yaxlich, you definitely don't want undrwear like the ones modelled. he may have a six pack, but he looks like Ken, as in Barbie and Ken. I'm sure you're not plastic. Are you???!!!


Blogger Sally Lomax said ... (4:09 pm) : 

No snow either. We'll probably get some snow later in hte week. Not sure about the smow though.


Blogger john.g. said ... (5:11 pm) : 

IF the weather forecast is correct Yaxlich could be under several inches of smow tomorrow. Maybe Yaxlich should buy some skis!


Blogger john.g. said ... (6:22 pm) : 

What the hell`s smow? That`s what you get from reading Sally`s post!
Sorry Sally.


Anonymous Ignorminious said ... (6:31 pm) : 

No snow here :( I think it is because I live too close to Sally!


Blogger mad muthas said ... (8:47 pm) : 

we went skiing after christmas and there was no snow. which was tricky.
here is a joke for you:
two snowmen in a field. one says to the other, 'can you smell carrots?'


Blogger Goo said ... (2:54 am) : 

you should definetly try skiing, i do it all the time! i personally think it is the one of the best things in the world, but i'm sure not everyone agrees with me. ah, well: give it a try!


Blogger Yaxlich said ... (11:44 am) : 

B&MF - Yaxlich has not seen this. He will be sure to check it out. He could do with a laugh right now.

Enid - That is a very astute idea.

Sablonneuse - The headmaster at Yaxlich's school wouldn't have dreamt of doing that as he would know that most of the children would put rocks inside the snowballs.

Sally - Yaxlich can confirm that he is not plastic.

John G - No smow here so far.

Iggy - Patience. It will come.

Mad Muthas - Yaxlich congratulates you on your choice of Christmas crackers.

Goo - Hopefully Yaxlich will be able to go skiing when he gets a job.


Blogger Tish said ... (11:30 am) : 

oh YUM long-john. I want long-john. Bugger talking in the third person, I WANT LONG-JOHN



Blogger Yaxlich said ... (11:37 am) : 

Yaxlich recommends Tish reads Treasure Island to get her fix.


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