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Friday, August 10, 2007

How Do They Know?

Yaxlich found an article in a London newspaper tonight which he thought he would share with you.

A court has released a man caught having sex with sheep. A farmed called police after he saw a man trouserless among his flock. Bert Meijer, 36, was arrested and charged but the case was thrown out because under Dutch law bestiality is illegal only if it can be proved the animal was unwilling.

In other news, Yaxlich would like to apologise for his lengthy delay in posting anything on his blog for a while. This was because:

a) His hands fell off.
b) The Barbie Girl bird flew off to Penge with his blogging mojo and he has only just returned beacuse Virgin Trains only have a bi-monthly service.
c) The Agoraphobic Peruvian spent the last month downloading guinea pig recipes from a remote site in the Andes and was hogging the bandwidth of the flats wi-fi connection.
d) He was on a modelling assignment in Portugal.
e) He was working for the Government on a project that he cannot mention due to signing the Official Secrets Act.
f) He was involved in lengthy legal proceedings in the Netherlands and has only just returned the sheep costume to the fancy dress suppliers after he had lost his Sketchleys receipt.
g) All of the above.