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Monday, September 17, 2007

Songs To Blog About

Yaxlich regularly gets songs stuck in his head. He doesn't mean this literally. He's never had a piece of 7" vinyl thrust into his cranial cavity or anything like that. What he means is that sometimes he remembers the chorus to a song or just a few words of a song and no matter what he tries, he cannot get the song out of his head. So they're stuck. In his head.

Today Yaxlich has the British Eurovision Song Contest entry from 1982 stuck in his head. It was by a group called Bardot and the song was "One Step Further". It wasn't very good which is why Yaxlich is having a miserable day.

He is going to try and think about Sheena later on this afternoon. He hopes it works.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Overrun By Loonies

It would appear that the comment section on Yaxlich's previous post was overrun by loonies. He has now deleted the offending comment and apologises to anyone who read it. He thinks that some people are very sad indeed.

In other news, he would like to assure people that he is still alive although suffering from an almighty bout of blogstipation.